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Diabetes is spreading all over the world. In the same way as infectious diseases used to, nowadays, this metabolic disorder is spreading in industrialised countries. If people put a lot of weight on, it is probably because they develop type 2 diabetes. But the genetic variation of diabetes type 1 is also increasing.

Diabetes is a disorder of the insulin production and, therefore, it is a sugar metabolism problem and this causes a level of blood sugar that is too high. The limit for diabetes is a blood sugar level of 200mg/dl, when fasting the limit is 126 mg/dl.

When we talk about diabetes, normally we mean type 2 diabetes, the most common type. In the case of elderly people or pregnant women, the pancreas produces less insulin than what is required, which means that there is a lack of insulin.

In the late stage of type 2 diabetes and in the case of the metabolic syndrome — a lot of excess weight, sugar metabolic and lipidic metabolism problems and high blood pressure – there is enough insulin, but it does not have any effect. This is called resistance to insulin. Often, symptoms are ambiguous such as tiredness, weakness or hunger sensation, but often it is detected by coincidence during a random blood test.

Typical risk factors to develop this disease are excess weight, sedentism and smoking.

With a careful diet and regular physical activity, we can improve the disease, reduce medicine and better regulate the level of blood sugar. The feared drops of sugar – that come with fainting, convulsions, palpitations, anxiety, sweating, confusion and problems with coordination of movements, orientation and concentration – are reduced.

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